Letter to YOU (meaning me)


My inaugural letter should be to myself, of course.  So here goes.

Dear YOU (meaning me),

We are starting yet another blog together.  Let’s stick to it this time!  We will be engaging, funny (dry, witty, sarcastic, and yes, sometimes uproariously hilarious, at least to ourselves), smart, insightful, sometimes serious, and sometimes self-deprecating.  We will write letters to the kids, spouse, in-laws, out-laws, fellow mom rock stars, musical rock stars, the lady driving in the next lane on the freeway with a dog on her lap, the guy at the check-out counter with 500 junk food items (and you only have one thing to buy), the politicians of your city, the country and possibly the world (we’ll see if we write political letters, since we really don’t give a darn most of the time, except when it affects us directly).

So…wish us well.  We will write often enough, we hope.  Write us back if you feel like it!

Humbly yours,

YOU (meaning me)


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